Aug 02

2014 Honda Odyssey Vs. 2014 Toyota Sienna

Competition on the car market never falls. The two most popular cars in the category of vans are Toyota Sienna and Honda Odyssey. New models of these cars bring significant changes and additional satisfaction to their customers. For this reason, customers are increasingly interested in information on the new models. This is right place for you if you want to know about these two cars. Here we show a comparative test, the 2014 Honda Odyssey vs.  2014 Toyota Sienna.

Modern customers are increasingly interested in cars that provide transport for more people. Both mentioned cars, 2014 Honda Odyssey / 2014 Toyota Sienna provide transport for 8 adults. It also provides easy entry and exit of passengers from the car by using the sliding side door. Both mentioned cars provide a place for large luggage on long trips.

2014 Honda Odyssey vs. 2014 Toyota Sienna

Our attention will first be directed to the new model 2014 Toyota Sienna.

The Japanese company gave the official notice to withdraw from the four-cylinder engine for a new model Toyota Sienna. The new model 2014 Toyota Sienna will possess 3.5L V6 engine. Engine power will be 266 hp. Also, the Japanese company brings new improvements when it comes to fuel economy. New 2014 Toyota Sienna will possess a system for economical fuel consumption.

Our attention will now focus on the performance of the new model 2014 Honda Odyssey.

2014 Honda Odyssey will also have 3.5 L V6 engine. This engine is part of the Honda family of engines under the popular name of “Earth Dreams”. The above mentioned engine provides 10% better fuel economy than previous versions of the engine.

2014 Honda Odyssey interior vs. 2014 Toyota Sienna interior

2014 Toyota Sienna, depending on the model, will be available instantly with different levels of equipment. So, LE model will include climate control with three zones: a special zone for the driver, passenger and back seats.

New 2014 Honda Odyssey has a tough task on the market. Customers expect that the new model to provide an intelligent level of equipment, such as a smartphone interface HondaLink system. This system is exclusively made ​​available to users with a model 2013 Honda Accord. The touch screen and speech commands are just some parts of the equipment of the new 2014 Honda Odyssey. This car has the responsibility to provide complete satisfaction to its owner.

The level of equipment will determine the price of the car. New 2014 Toyota Sienna price will be in the range from $ 29,000 to $ 44,000.

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Aug 02

2014 Toyota Sienna Features, Release Date and Price

Japan’s company Toyota have not yet provided official announcements about the new design 2014 Toyota Sienna, so there is still no official information and changes that will have a new model. The company has confirmed that this is a very comfortable and economical car. Also, the car offers a large number of different options to its owner, as well as more safety in operating the vehicle. The new model 2014 Toyota Sienna is unique minivan with AWD, which will be available in the U.S. market.

2014 Toyota Sienna features

2014 Toyota Sienna Features and Trim Levels

Toyota Company has informed the public that the new Sienna will be manufactured in five different trim levels: L, LE, SE, XLE and Limited. All the above models include the 3.5 L V6 engine. The engine power is 266 hp. The engine is connected to a 6 – speed electronically controlled automatic transmission. The company is taking care of the cost-effectiveness of the new minivan. 2014 Toyota Sienna fuel economy on a FWD model is 18-25-21 mpg (city-highway-combined). The differences between these models (L, LE, SE, KLE, Limited) are not enormous. Number of seats in the car is the key difference between the above models. Only L model will have 7 seats, while all other models include 8 seats.

The interior of the new model 2014 Toyota Sienna is innovative. The interior of the new models feature the security and comfort of travel. Purchasing this minivan, even long trips will be very comfortable and fun. The opportunity to make third row seats provides more comfort during travel. If you need even more space there is the possibility of making and second row seats. In this way it provides space for a comfortable journey and a large luggage. Long trips are not boring with the new Sienna. The new model includes a new features such as: Bluetooth connectivity, audio system, hands-free phone, voice command, CD changer with MP3, ten speakers including subwoofer.

2014 Toyota Sienna interior

2014 Toyota Sienna Specifications, Price and Release Date

The company is particularly concerned about the safety of vehicles and passengers. The car has a number of security systems that provide greater safety for passengers. Safety systems that include a new 2014 Toyota Sienna are: Blind Spot Monitor with Rear Cross Traffic Alert, AWD (only minivan sold in America that offers an available AWD), Star Safety System (VSC, TRAC, ABS, EBD, BA, SST), Safety Connect, Cruise Control.

New Toyota Sienna will be produced in several models, as we already mentioned. Different models will include different levels of equipment. It is expected that the price of the new model 2014 Toyota Sienna price range from $ 27 000 to $ 41.0000. The 2014 Toyota Sienna release date is expected later this year, more precisely in the final quarter of this year.

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Aug 01

2014 Toyota Sienna Review And Release Date

If you’re looking for exclusive news about the new 2014 Toyota Sienna this is the right place for you. The new Sienna will be in its new model remain consistent with its traditional design.  The new model 2014 Toyota Sienna will have new features such as the second row seats, intelligent key, back and front vehicle parking sonar, security devices, and the sliding side door. New model will feature a better design and greater safety.

Performance V6 engine will remain available to clients. This model engine has a capacity of 266 HP. The new model 2014 Sienna four-cylinder engine gives up, given the better performance that brings new Toyota V6 model for cars.

2014 Toyota Sienna rear

2014 Toyota Sienna Features

The new model 2014 Totota Sienna brings some other new performances. New features include a material in which it will be easier for interior cleaning, easier to move seats and better interior quality.  The new minivan is a new product on the market. It has much more power than existing models. Minivan includes all-wheel drive, which for a moment reaches a big boost. Brake system delivers great security for customers, which is very important feature that is always running out.

2014 Toyota Sienna interior

2014 Toyota Sienna Release Date and Price

The new model 2014 Toyota Sienna include the use of new knowledge and technologies. The Japanese company wants to offer complete satisfaction to their customers. Several long trips do not have to be boring and exhausting because the new model includes music and video system adapted to the long run. Also, new features that contribute to greater customer satisfaction include wireless functions, stereo system, TV-satellite, redirecting program, adjusting the seat position for greater comfort. It just wants to fully realize all the wishes of clients. The 2014 Toyota Sienna release date will most likely be by the end of year.

The 2014 Sienna models price will be rated at $ 26 450. Company has recognized a clear need in the market for this very complete model of the minvan. The Japanese company has revealed an efficient design for what became clear need in the market.

Jul 23

All about the 2014 Toyota Sienna

2014 Toyota Sienna is one of the highest quality vehicles in the category of family cars. This car provides transport eight passengers, with a sliding door. This capacity places it among the best family car. The third row seats can be lowered, allowing for additional space. This model includes four-wheel drive, which makes it special in the market. Every car in the family Sienna has a 3.5-liter V-6 engine. As such, this car is a great solution when it comes to choosing a car for the whole family.

Sienna was offered his first 2010 solutions on the market. The new model features a nicer design and enhanced comfort. Characteristics of earlier models have 3.5-liter, V-6 engine, six-speed automatic transmission. Toyota is also offered in 2011 and 2012 2.7-liter four-cylinder engine however, the production of such model is discontinued in 2013.

2014 Toyota Sienna rear

Newer models have brought new performance. The new version of the model has , great Bluetooth sound system, innovative interior. It also comes with great automatic air conditioning system with moisture sensors that allow it to improve. The new 2014 Toyota Sienna is very comfortable to drive, and has sliding doors that allow easy entry of all eight what is the capacity of the car. The 2014 Toyota Sienna  will contain new features such as 3.5 l V-6 engine which is matted to 6 speed automatic transmission with manual move ability and it provide 266 hp. Anti-lock four rim disk braking system with braking mechanism assistance, balance management, grip management, rim pressure tracking, safety bags and full extent layer assistance are some of its important functions. Tires are of 19 inches wide with flat wheels, moving doors with energy and double roof are its some more features. The car is began using push button basically with USB slots, Wireless Bluetooth features, satellite TV radio, double area temperature management, routing program and natural leather seats enhances value of car more. This car is simple to generate and accomplish all goals very well.

2014 Toyota Sienna back seats

2014 Toyota Sienna price starts at $ 26,450. Toyota has revealed a truly fuel-efficient design for the Sienna variety, to fill an obvious opening in the minivan market performance.

Jul 23

2014 Toyota Sienna Hybrid

Hybrid cars slowly becoming more in more popular in the world. The Japan is a very well known market when it comes to hybrid models. The first hybrid car was produced a year 1997. which caused great expectations of clients. Soon, demand for hybrid model was developed for the Toyota Sienna. Engineers took it as a clear signal to begin the development of this model.

The hybrid car models are available in the market of Europe and the United States of America. For the U.S. market as 2014 Toyota Sienna hybrid is the first minivan, which includes a hybrid drive.

2014 Toyota Sienna Hybrid side

2014 Toyota Sienna Hybrid Fuel Economy

2014 Toyota Sienna Hybrid model includes four-wheel drive, which is a big plus of this car. Control brakes include increased security, since the electronic brake system controls the brakes on every tire. This hybrid vehicle uses a 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine. High power enables high speed reaching in a short timeline and frame. Speed ​​and safeness is what  unites Toyota Sienna hybrid model.

Batteries for this hybrid model are designed to provide lower fuel consumption and better fuel economy, which is the advantage of this 2014 Toyota Sienna Hybrid. The air conditioning is also adapted to the savings in energy and includes a moisture sensor that allowed the saving of fuel. This model is high quality and economize model that meets all the requirements of modern users. In a time of rising environmental responsibility hybrid model causes an even greater demand on market of Europe and the United States. The V-6 engine will have a better fuel economy on the highway and it is rated at 25 mpg, which is for 1 mpg better than the four-banger.

2014 Toyota Sienna Hybrid interior

The 2014 Toyota Sienna Hybrid is intended for the modern users. This car is featured by high quality and beautifully designed interior.  The materials of which the interior is made of high quality, lightweight and very inviting. The car is useful for longer destinations because Bluetooth system allows you to watch movies and listen to music for long trip. Bluetooth system with 9 speakers which enables high quality audio. Also, the car features and internal screens gleaned movies on long trips. This car is designed to do its owner happy and proud.

Jul 23

2014 Toyota Sienna Engine

Toyota has announced that the new 2014 Sienna will get a 3.5 l V6 engine. This Japanese company has been a leader in innovation and new technical features of cars. Also, Toyota is trying to introduce a new line of engines which will have better fuel economy and significantly reduced CO2 emissions. We have no doubt that the new 2014 Toyota Sienna will be one of the most fuel-efficient vehicles when it hits the market.

2014 Sienna engine

Toyota has officially announced that the new 2014 Sienna will not have  a 2.7 L four-cylinder engine. Now is officially that this company moves to a new 3.5 L engine and we could expect this engine in a large number of new Toyota models. The 2014 Toyota Sienna Limited is best equipped version of this model. It will come with many new features that include the: second row seat hall, power 60/40 Split & Stow third-row seat, front and rear parking sonar, Smart Key, safety devices and self-drive slide opening dual moon roofs.

2014 Toyota Sienna 3.5l v6 engine

All this information tells us that the 3.5 L V6 engine will be standard in all 2014 Sienna models. The reason why this company decided to stop installing 2.7 L four-cylinder engine lies in the fact that this engine was unable to gain greater power and better fuel economy than the V6 engine.

Basically, Toyota is still quite mysterious when it comes to the 2014 Sienna changes. There is still no official photos of this model, and the formal confirmation of its redesign. We believe that the improvement will be minimal, given that this is the best family minivan in the U.S. market. Exterior will get minimal change, and interior will be made of something better material than it was before.

Jul 23

Meet new redesigned 2014 Toyota Sienna

The 2014 model year will bring a great number of redesigned cars, and 2014 Toyota Sienna family minivan is no exception. According to some information, the fourth generation of this model will come with a great redesign. The third-generation of Sienna was introduced in 2010 model year, and the fourth generation of this most popular American family vehicle will receive a complete redesign.

2014 Toyota Sienna

The exterior of the new 2014 Toyota Sienna will come with small changes, while the interior will get significantly better quality. Some interior features will include high-definition screen and blue ray player, which is a truly remarkable addition to this family vehicle. Also, the advanced features will allow you via your Smartphone to play music and movies. New 2014 Toyota Sienna remains the only family vehicle in the U.S. market, which will be offered with the option of all-wheel drive.

2014 Toyota Sienna interior

Interior of the new 2014 Toyota Sienna is considerably improved by the use of new elements and new technology. For covering the inside side were used compact elements and Toyota was careful to meet up with the customers. No matter how long the journey will not be exhausted with music and video systems. The car is began using basically force the key with the USB spots, Wireless functions, satellite TV, stereo system, dual-zone heat variety management, redirecting program and set seats enhances value of car view. This car is simple to generate and achieve all goals very well.